Marketing your home the BLUEPRINT REALTY way

Category Marketing Strategy

BLUEPRINT REALTY adopts a multi faceted approach to selling your home.

Using the Traditional mechanisms available such as:

  • Blueprint Realty's website
  • Property 24
  • Private Property
  • Independent Websites
  • Show days
  • For Sale board
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Blueprint Realty's extensive buyer database

Or BLUEPRINT REALTY'S own Auction House

As a newly independent entity operating in a fiercely competitive market and leveraging off market shifts, we want to position ourselves at the cutting edge of global property trends and lead the way as pathfinders in our industry. Underpinning this bold step is the company's decision to simultaneously enter the Property Auction Market.

Our view is that residential property auctions will gain traction in South Africa in the foreseeable future as an alternative method of buying and selling property, with our research showing that over 60% of residential properties in Australia are now sold at auction, with similar trends mirrored in the USA, UK and Europe.

Author: Blueprint Realty

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